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Smart Export Guarantee

About Smart Export Guarantee Tariffs

SEG tariffs are designed to pay customers for any electricity they export to the grid using a system that meets SEG requirements. You can find out more about which technologies are eligible here Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) – Generators | Ofgem.

We are a voluntary SEG provider. Our first SEG Tariff Snail – fixed for one year has a rate of 10p/kWh for every unit you export. We will publish rates that we have available on this help page or you can contact us on the email below to find out more.

How Does the Rebel SEG Tariff Work

If you have a smart meter capable of sending readings automatically, we take these readings every quarter and work out how much energy you have exported. From this we work out the payment due to you credit to your Rebel Energy account and can be paid to you by BACs.

Do I need to use you to provide the import tariff?

No, you can remain with a different provider for the electricity you take from the Grid.

You will need to have a smart meter capable of taking half hourly readings. You will need to contact your current provider to install a Smart Meter for you. Once this has been done, you can return to Rebel and apply for SEG.  

How Do I Qualify For SEG ?

You need to have the right renewable technology alongside a smart meter capable of taking half hourly meter readings. The technology can be:

  • Solar PV
  • Wind
  • Hydro or
  • Anaerobic Digestion AD

You can find more information about eligible technologies here: Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) – Generators | Ofgem.

What else will I need for SEG?

    • An MCS Certificate – this will demonstrate that your installation and installer are certified through the Microgeneration certification scheme – you can find out more about the scheme here Certificate Queries – MCS (mcscertified.com)
    • Check and confirm that you are not receiving Feed in tariff payments
    • Confirmation from your Distribution Network operator (DNO) that they have been advised of your Generation installation. This is something your installer will usually do for you – you can find out who your DNO is here Who’s my network operator? – Energy Networks Association (ENA)

To find out more please contact us directly at: SEG@rebelenergy.com

If you'd like to apply for SEG, please read the terms and conditions here: Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) Terms and Conditons V1 ejl then download the application form here: Smart Export Guarantee Application Form V1 ejl and send it to SEG@rebelenergy.com.